Advice for those While performing a Hajj

Following points must be kept in mind while performing hajj.

  1. The pilgrim must adhere to the rules and regulation of hajj before starting hajj in order to abide by those rules and teachings of Islam and must refrain from things that are sinful and are forbidden to do.
  2. The reward of an accepted hajj is no less than paradise for pilgrim therefore, as per the instructions of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) a pilgrim must not speak obscenely or commit evil while performing hajj due to his ignorance or misguidance.
  3. Pilgrims must ask for forgiveness only from Allah (SWT). It has been noted that pilgrims usually pray at Prophet (PBUH) mosque and ask for removal of distress from the Massenger of Allah instead of Allah which is wrong.
  4. It has been noticed that pilgrims shave their beard before hajj which is a sinful act.
  5. Muslims are prohibited to wear things like gold rings and chains in their usual life. Therefore, wearing those things during performance of Hajj or Umrah is more sinful act.
  6. A pilgrim who has make tawaf of Kabah and he immediately left ihram and has not bought the sacrificial animal with him, should call out that he is going to perform Umrah in the three month of hajj.
  7. It is the obligation to stay the night in Mina on the night before Arafah. Therefore, a pilgrim must follow it and should not leave the place until the time. However, a women or a weak is allowed to leave after half of the night has passed.
  8. It is prohibited to walk in front of anyone praying in Haram, in addition to that a pilgrim must not speak of other mosques and places.
  9. The scholars of Islam must teach pilgrims the rites of hajj and the rules and regulations according the books of Sunnah & Quran whenever and wherever meeting with them and there is nothing wrong with debating in the best way when required, as the kind of argumentation that is forbidden in Hajj is useless argument which is also forbidden outside Hajj, just like the evil-doing that is forbidden in Hajj – for that is not the debating which is commanded in Allah’s saying [Soorat-un-Nahi aya 125].
  10. However, it should be observed that if it comes into view that there is no benefit in the discussion because of the other persons blindly sticking to his procedures or own opinion and if he were to continue then there is fear of going into that which is not permissible then it is better to leave that argument with him as the Prophet said: “I am a claimant for a house in the outskirts of Paradise for one who leaves off arguing even if he is in the right.

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